Corporate Social Responsiblity

GIL regards “achieving the goal of improving the business environment of the world in accordance with the latest compliance and corporate governance best practices” as our company’s commitment in a sustainable economy, adhering to the core value of “sustainable development”, from corporate governance , corporate commitment, social participation, environmental protection and other four directions, to examine the corporate responsibility to shareholders, employees, partners, society, and the environment.

We are very concerned about the physical and mental health and career development of our employees. GIL is committed to providing a healthy, safe, environmentally friendly and happy working environment, cultivating a culture of sharing, implementing employee benefits, subsidizing employees for further study, and carrying out a series of exchange activities in the workplace to enable employees to better develop themselves and realize their values. And balance personal life and work. GIL also promotes the application of technology in corporate governance, realizes the possibility of remote work, and minimizes the risks faced by employees under the threat of the Covid19 epidemic.
GIL abides by the principle of integrity, establishes high-standard corporate governance standards, establishes an effective corporate governance structure, protects the rights and interests of shareholders, exerts the functions of internal audit and internal control, and enhances the openness and transparency of information. On the premise of ensuring sound risk management and control, establish a win-win relationship with partners, and combine sustainable development with GIL’s vision, core competencies and strategies, so that BCP (Operation Continuity Plan) can be used when risks come.
GIL adheres to the principle of environmental sustainability, does not implement corporate projects or projects that will damage the environment, and promotes green office to save energy. At the same time, we are well aware of the advantages of our own main business, assist clients to set up charitable groups and charitable foundations in Hong Kong, promote caring trust projects, and devote our own social resources, so as to promote the entire society’s attention to vulnerable groups from the perspective of the underlying structure.

Charity Foundation

GIL helps clients set up charitable organizations and charitable foundations to help clients and client companies better give back to the society and care for vulnerable groups.

Care Trust

GIL promotes the establishment of a care trust for children with autism, intellectual disabilities and other children who need special care. The Caring Trust allows these children to be properly cared for and in control of their own lives after the death of their parents.

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