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GIL aims to provide a one-stop services to these GPs. With GIL’s assistance, GPs can focus on their core investment activities by delivering value to portfolio companies and returns to investors.  GIL has helped many of clients to setup their first USD fund, and provided a full range of services such as entity formation, bank account opening, investor KYC, AEOI compliance, and fund accounting. GIL has helped set up more than 100 USD funds and is providing on-going services to more than 50 GPs in China.
Fund Accounting Service
AML Compliance
FATCA/CRS Compliance
Fund Regulatory Registration
  • Establish & maintain a complete set of accounting records
  • Maintain the investor roster and investor contact information
  • Prepare & issue a capital contribution request/allocation notification letter
  • Prepare & issue capital account bills to investors
  • Answer investor questions
  • Prepare the Fund’s waterfall calculations pursuant to the Limited Partnership Agreement(LPA)
  • Calculate the management fee in accordance with the LPA
  • Maintain detailed investment records
  • Prepare quarterly fund statements
  • Coordinate annual fund audits
  • Maintain professional relationships with auditors and tax advisors as needed
  • Investor due diligence
    • Review investor details, sources of wealth and funding
    • Collect and maintain the required AML due diligence documents
    • Senior management reviews, and provides in-depth reviews and supporting documents for political figures (peps) or other high-risk investors. Regularly monitor and track outstanding AML due diligence documents.
  • Anti money laundering compliance outsourcing
    • Amlco, mlro, dmlro compliance officer appointment
    • Anti money laundering training courses
    • Prepare or update AML and CFT manuals.
  • Risk assessment and ongoing investor review
    • The investors are screened by world check regularly
    • Risk assessment of each investor
    • Conduct ongoing due diligence and risk review
  • FATCA/CRS Registration

  • Annual FATCA/CRS Reporting 

  • FATCA/CRS Entity Classification Advice

  • GIIN Registration 

Cayman Islands 

  • Private Fund Registration 
  • Director Registration 

  • Register Person Registration 


  • Approved Manager Registration
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