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Compassion is not out of reluctance, it is like nectar that descends from the sky to the world; it is not only for those who are happy in giving, but also to those who are happy in giving.

William Shakespeare

The services provided by GIL to non-profit sectors, charitable trusts, foundations and non-governmental organizations are the core of our CSR services.

Our philanthropy practice is an important part of our corporate social responsibility. Through this practice, GIL promotes charitable work carried out by our clients on a global scale.
We use our expertise and unparalleled cross-border expertise to create management systems for our clients to solve global and environmental issues.
Our professional services and strict standards can help our clients achieve their charitable goals. Charities and NGOs benefit from our expertise and have deep insights and connections in the entire charity field.

Why Set Up a Charitable Foundation

【Impact life with life】The best example is to participate in charity, use donations to help poverty, disaster relief, improve the social environment, set up education, culture, and art, and even set up private charity funds to directly help other communities. Many tycoons such as Gates and Buffet have practiced the ethos of philanthropy, and let the world understand that paying for society is more joyful, respectable, and respected than having world wealth.

  • The sponsors of the foundation can directly participate in determining the nature of the recipient and the method of using the donation (such as setting up scholarships for children with intellectual disabilities) to ensure that the donation reaches the final goal.
  • The foundation itself is a legal entity. As long as the fund still has funds, it can continue to operate, without being limited by the life of the donor. Professional foundation management personnel can make investment arrangements for the foundation and enable the fund to grow continuously.
  • The income, operating expenses, and donation expenses of the foundation must have clear accounts, and everything can be subject to objective and professional supervision.
  • Setting up a foundation can bring tax deduction for your family and business while fulfilling your charity wishes
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