A Professional Service Platform of Compliance and Administrative Services


GIL is a fast-growing company, oriented by our clients’ dynamic needs


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GIL is a self-challenge company, with the spirit of innovation in our blood…

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GIL is a learning company, with an enthusiasm for new knowledge and technology…

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GIL has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York, serving multi-jurisdictions…

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GIL has an exclusive service team led by industry veterans, qualified as Chartered Secretaries (CS)…

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GIL continues to enrich its diversified business portfolio as one-stop integrated service provider…

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Putting clients’ needs first, we provide one-stop industry solutions and professional services in corporate governance and compliance.


Being a professional and trusted long-term partner for clients to pursue their business dreams and global landscape.  


Having our original inspirations in mind, GIL keeps the virtue of integrity and diligence, respects, trusts and supports. The team shapes up the company, and the company backs up the team.

GIL's Mission, Vision and Values

Clients' Preference

We are widely recognized by clients no only because of our professionalism, but also comes from our understanding of Chinese corporate culture and Chinese entrepreneurs so that we can serve our customers more meticulously, thoughtfully, and efficiently, so as to be the leader in the industry. status. And it is well-known in the industry for its integrity, diligence, and reliability

Corporate Social Responsibility

With its commitment to“ a world’s better business environment with the up-to-date compliance and the best practices of corporate governance”, GIL upholds our core value of “sustainability”. From four dimensions: corporate governance, company commitment, social engagement and environmental protection, we hold accountability for our shareholders, employees, partners, society and the environment.

Commits to creating opportunities together

Our Partners