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GIL Trust Ltd is an independent trust company established in Hong Kong and registered under the Hong Kong Trustee Ordinance and the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. We provide the establishment and management of overseas trust structures. Our trust team has experienced professionals who have worked for many years in the fields of banking, trust and private wealth management. They understand the needs and expectations of customers and are committed to providing customers with innovative, flexible and professional trust solutions. Our customer base is high net worth clients, family offices, businesses and financial institutions. Our trust services include trustee services, custody, escrow and custodian services.
Fiduciary Service
Family Office
Private Trust Company

We provide the following fiduciary services

  • Suggest a suitable trust structure and trust legal jurisdiction
  • Establishment of various types of overseas trusts, including discretionary trusts, retention of powers, wills and charitable trusts
  • Trustee services
  • Arrange investment requirements
  • Contact with all related parties, such as banks, clients, beneficiaries, company secretaries, brokers, lawyers, accountants and tax consultants
  • Appoint an investment consultant
  • Provide guidance to investment managers and implement investment decisions
  • Monitor investment and conduct regular evaluations
  • Structure Plan: At this stage, we will assist in designing a suitable and tax-compliant family office structure. The design of the architecture will also consider your architecture goals
  • Family office establishment: We will provide registration services for offices in Hong Kong or Singapore
  • We will provide back-office operation and maintenance services for the  Family Office
  • We will provide clients with work visa services

We set up and manage a trust structure for employee equity incentive plans. We provide the following services

  • Continuous monitoring of shares and option rights
  • Assist employees in the purchase and disposal of equity rights
  • Custody of employee stock rights
  • Report entitlements to employers and employees regularly
  • SAFE 7# and 37# register

A private trust company (“PTC”) is an effective tool for planning and setting up overseas trust structures for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families. Some families may be reluctant to transfer assets to professional trust companies, and prefer to establish their own private trust company (PTC) as the trustee of their trust.

We can establish and manage private trust companies in the following legal jurisdictions:

  • Cayman Islands
  • Guernsey
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Hong Kong

In addition, we can set up a purpose trust to hold PTC shares.

If you want to have important documents such as funds, securities, etc. in custody of an independent regulated financial institution. As a professional escrow agent, we will hold and allocate funds according to the client’s instructions determined in the escrow agreement. Hosting services include:

  • Acquisition of custody services (holding funds or properties that meet the release conditions)
  • Trade custody service (used for financial settlement of trade transactions, custody guarantees the buyer’s payment obligations for failure to perform the seller’s obligations)
  • Custody/custodial
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