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Training to staff on Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

With increasing compliance requirements of regulatory authorities, understanding and executing the compliance programme becomes utmost importance to the personnel who are carrying out relevant financial business. To meet with our client’s training obligations and better understanding the compliance programme under the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and the Guidance Notes in the Cayman Islands, GIL has developed secured, dedicated and highly flexible e-learning platform.

Necessity of the Training

To fulfill the training obligation of the regulator authority on regular basis, and for own protection of the financial institution in managing compliance risk and ensure the normal operation of it’s busines

Suitable Personnel for the Training

All the appropriate staff who are serving or engaging in financial related businesses should receive the Anti-Money laundering training, such as Directors, Senior Managers, Supervisors, compliance officers, operations staff, and new employees.

Expertly Developed

Our training programme has been meticulously crafted by highly-qualified and experienced compliance and AML specialists. You can trust the expertise of our team.

Easy to Understand

Each piece of referenced content of the course are presented in very short video with the combination of audio and icons, it’s easy to catch up when you are learning.

Pace and Time Flexibility

The training programme takes approximately one hour to finish, the online learning system are user-friendly and could be managed with it’s convenience and flexibility, and you could learn the course at your own pace and time.

Comprehensive Coverage and Up-to-Date Content of the Regulations

Our training course coverage on the regulations of the Anti-Money Laundering, Countering the Financing of Terrorism, & Counter-Proliferation Financing and Targeted Financial Sanctions (AML / CFT / CPF / TFS) internationally and locally, and the training course is regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and requirements.

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Provide Assessments

For the purpose of consolidating and examining the outcomes from the learning, our training programme offers 10 brief assessments.

Deliver Certificate of Completion

After the completion of the course and pass the assessment, you could receive the Certificate of Completion, which certifies that you successfully completed the online course, and you could download the Certificate from our e-learning platform in your convenience.

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